Your Long Island IT Support Company

Transforming the traditional infrastructure of your business to embrace a vast technology landscape.


We offer a cloud server platform that focuses on superior performance, availability and data protection. Our packages offer multiple configurations.


We deliver Cyber Security services and expertise for each client to meet their business needs. We can overcome any IT Security Challenges that you are having and may have.


We design, install and maintain a variety of business VoIP telephone systems. VoIP services provide clients with professional phone systems they need.


We provide a range of packaged Managed IT Services to companies who require ’round-the-clock IT support to cover a whole host of systems and applications.

You Shouldn’t Have To Sell Your Soul For Quality IT Support!

At TCI Technologies, we believe that customer loyalty is built through performance. That is why we do not require you to sign any agreement that would lock you into a long term contract. All of our packaged services are offered on a month-to-month basis, so if at any time you are not happy with the level of service we provide, you are free to take your business elsewhere – no questions asked.

We know we have to work hard each and every day to keep your business!

IT Budget Crunch?

Everyone is trying to squeeze the most value out of their money in today’s economy, and the pressure is on to find computer services that will allow you to cut costs and grow your business. The good news is you don’t need to sacrifice performance for cost. TCI Technologies designs IT Infrastructures based on our clients’ current needs, budgets and potential for growth. A TCI Tech designed infrastructure equals increased productivity, a higher return on investment and systems that will retain their usability further into the future.

Change The Way You Think About IT Support!

TCI Offers Custom Packages that Fit every Budget, and Every Need.

Computer IT Support

TCI Technologies can provide the computer support and IT services expertise of an in-house IT Support department at a fraction of the usual cost. How can we do this? We are Managed IT Service providers–it’s our business, it’s what we do. So rather than take on the cost of maintaining a full-time IT staff, let us provide certified tech support service professionals on a part-time basis to give you exactly the computer support you require, when you need it, so you can get back to focusing on your own productivity.

IT Services

In addition to on-site support, our professionals can provide friendly, professional computer support via telephone, email or remote access programs. TCI Technologies provides comprehensive tech support help, website design, VoIP phone system integration and a host of other network support services. TCI Technologies is committed to providing IT solutions utilizing strategic IT planning to ensure our clients’ current and future needs are being met. If you feel your business has room to grow in efficiency and profitability, let TCI Technologies bring you up to speed…

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