cloud voip

Cloud VoIP

The benefits of Cloud VoIP are versatility and efficiency.  By utilizing cloud VoIP phones, you can go anywhere, plug into a network, and function fully without having to re-configure your device.  At TCI Technologies, we use Cisco Remote Phone Control to increase productivity.  By utilizing this proprietary technology, our team of experts can remote in and fix any issues you may be having.  Initiating test calls, troubleshooting and maintenance can happen all in real-time.  By sticking with a traditional phone service provider, you have the responsibility of managing carriers, maintenance, infrastructure and services.  Local calls, long distance, conference calls, as well as software upgrades and call center options are all your responsibility.  TCI Technologies manages all of this and more.  Ask anyone in the industry, who has had to deal with a traditional phone system, and they will be quick to tell you that expanding an on-premise phone system is quite the hassle.  These systems are not only limited in their capacity, but they are difficult to relocate and upgrade as well.


Cloud VoIP eliminates all of these issues, and even allows you to add users seamlessly.  You don’t ever have to worry about running out of space or outgrowing your current system ever again.  If you’re interested in Cloud VoIP services, contact us today and reap the benefits immediately.

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