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Managed IT Services To Help You Get Your Ducks In A Row.

The number one concern for your business is monitoring your IT operations and being proactive with its continuing success. With that kind of full-time responsibility, who has time to stress over the network on which your business is running? Managed IT Services from TCI Technologies means that we will always be well-equipped to monitor your entire network remotely to ensure you’re always running at maximum efficiency. TCI Technologies utilizes Kaseya to manage your network from our remote location, and to implement an alert system that allows us to always stay one step ahead of any challenge that may arise. If any of your hardware is at risk of malfunctioning, the techs at TCI will be notified to provide preemptive maintenance to avert potential crises. Our monitoring system can also be tailored to include power outages, network failures, low storage space, email glitches and a variety of other technical issues.  TCI Technologies Managed IT Services safeguard your business by having experienced technicians supervise your network on a daily basis.  Be sure that your business is always covered by trusting your network to TCI Technologies today.


Quantum Support Packages

Level 1Level 2Level 3
Monitor Server Availability and PerformanceMonitoring ServicesLong Island IT ServicesManaged IT Services New York
Monitor Internet ConnectivityMonitoring IT ServicesLong Island managed servicesNew York managed services
Monitoring, Implementing A/V Updates and Licensing on Servers, Routers and FirewallsMonitoring IT Services Long Islandmanaged servicesQuantum Support Packages
Monitor and Implement Anti-Spam Updates and Licensing, on Servers, Routers and FirewallsLong Island Monitoring IT ServicesLong Island IT ServicesLong Island IT Help
Monitor Servers (Disk Space, Memory and Availability)Long Island IT ServicesLong Island Tech ServicesLong island Quantum Support
Monitor On-Site Backup Solution on Your Servers IT Services Tech Services Long Island Quantum Support
Monitor of Proprietary Remote Backup SolutionManged IT Services Tech Services IT Help
Service Desk and Ticketing SystemManaged IT Services Long IslandLong Island IT ServicesIT Services
Daily Updates and Patches on Servers, Routers and FirewallsLong Island IT IT services Long IslandSmall Business IT
Free Remote Server, Router and Firewall Support IT Help Long Island IT services Small Business IT Services
Quarterly Network Health Review with Client and Strategic PlanningNew York IT Services managed IT services long islandLong Island IT Services
Monthly Network ReportsIT Services New Yorkmanaged IT servicesBusiness IT Services Long Island
Vulnerability Scans on Your Network managed services long islandKaseya Managed Services
Monitor Workstations (Disk Space, Memory and Availability)managed serviceshelpful IT services
Daily Updates and Patches on Workstationsmanaged services long islandIT help Long Island
Free Remote Support on Workstationsmanaged servicesIT services
Free On-Site Support for All Servers, Workstations, Routers and SwitchesNew York Managed Services
Free Disaster Recovery Services for All EquipmentIT project management
Off-Site Spam Virus FilteringOptionalOptionalOptional
Off-Site Backup SolutionOptionalOptionalOptional
Website FilteringOptionalOptionalOptional

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