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Information technology is constantly evolving.  Businesses must adapt in order to keep pace.  By integrating a varied number of professional IT services into an existing organization, your company will not only stay competitive, but increase its chances for success and opportunities for growth.  TCI Technologies offers a multitude of wide-ranging IT services to suit your needs and budget.  Our experienced staff of IT professionals will assist you in reaching business goals of which you had only dreamed.  No matter what the size of your business, whether it be a mom and pop shop, or an industry leading corporation.  TCI Technologies has the tools, skills and the experience to yield results that save time and resources.  IT systems are essential for daily operations. With our help, you can expect smooth, timely service which boosts productivity and efficiency.


As an IT Services Company, we must go above and beyond leaning new technology.  We educate ourselves and the client to make sure that the correct Hardware and Software is in place.  We maintain networks and monitor both software and hardware, in real time.  This is done in order to minimize deficiencies and put a stop to crippling malware and viruses.  Our preventative measures reduce the amount of money that you’ll need to spend in the future.  We do this by maximizing the investment you make in your organization’s infrastructure.  An automatic alert system will notify our staff of all issues before they become critical.


Should you require live support, our help desk will be ready to answer your calls.  The workstations in our office are strategically placed and organized in a way that make them easily accessible and versatile.  This helps us expedite our services.  So you can spend less time waiting and more time doing what you’d like.

Remote Computer Support Services


For times when remote computer support isn’t enough, we will dispatch our team of certified techs to your office at a moment’s notice–our location ensures it.  By being a local IT services company on Long Island and in New York City, we can be on site to troubleshoot any issue, and provide an immediate resolution.  TCI Technologies is a one-stop shop that can manage ALL of your systems, reducing the time and stress of having to deal with multiple vendors.  TCI Technologies offers a number of services including; database servers, file servers, email servers.  As well as the installation and maintenance of operating systems and much more.


Don’t get left in the dust.  When it comes to technology, you will always want the latest and greatest.  TCI Technologies is a certified partner, wholesaler and distributor of Cisco networking equipment, Microsoft Software and Dell hardware.  In the event that you need hardware fixed or replaced. Our relationships allow us to get you the best equipment at the best price.  TCI Technologies can provide everything you need to stay afloat. Even in the most difficult of situations.  Want all your technical support in one package?  Consider Our Quantum Support Packages which cover a full spectrum of support based on your current needs.  A partnership with TCI Technologies will help guarantee the growth of your company for years to come.

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Lack of accountability?

Getting your IT Support piecemeal from several different vendors can be a recipe for disaster. When things go wrong, there is no single entity accountable for your systems, leaving you stuck in the middle of a storm of finger-pointing and recriminations. You need a single resource that can manage all of your systems to reduce the time and stress of playing arbitrator for your vendors.

Untimely network failures?

Nobody likes being blindsided.  When network failures occur, the impact on your business’s productivity can be dreadful. On top of the expense of calling in a technician to handle your issue, there is also the expense of revenue lost due to the downtime. Proactive monitoring such as TCI Tech offers in our Quantum Support Packages can spot potential problems before they happen.

Want all your technical support in one package? Check out our Quantum Support Packages! IT Services for any businesses of any size!

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