Backup Solutions

Backup Solutions Done Right.

TCI Technologies offers backup solutions as a way of protecting our clients’ valuable information.  We partner with Mozy to satisfy all of your backup requirements. Mozy is an online backup system that is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Mozy provides clients with continuous data backup to a cloud server, which can be done either manually or as part of an automatic schedule. In addition to using Mozy to back up your company’s server information to the cloud, TCI Tech utilizes a more extensive backup solution—Mozy 2x Protect. With this new service, your company’s information is not only backed up onto a cloud server, it is subsequently transferred from your server across a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and backed up locally onto a Storage Area Network (SAN) on TCI Tech premises. With Mozy 2x Protect, you can rest easily knowing that your information is protected not once, but TWICE, on two incredibly reliable servers.  Now that’s what backup solutions are all about.

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