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Communications Systems and VoIP

When doing business, communication is key.  Keeping both your clients and your employees connected is essential to running a successful organization.  Here at TCI Technologies, we offer phone and voice services to ensure that there will never be a roadblock in communication.  Our communication systems can suit any need, from the most basic to the most advanced phone and voice configurations.  We provide phone services, voice mail, hosted and non-hosted Voice over IP phones and much more.  Our service staff will be there to help configure your voice network by coordinating repairs, adding/removing phone lines and adjusting your employee’s extensions.  Our voice services will lower costs and keep your information secure, so that you can focus more on growing your business rather than dealing with phone companies.  As a preferred partner with Allworx, NEC and TalkSwitch, TCI Tech can provide top of the line communication systems to fit any business.  The advancement of technology even allows for call forwarding, remote phones and even dedicated smartphone apps, so you can do business from anywhere.  Make the right choice, contact TCI Technologies today.

Communication Systems

A little about VoIP

The internet is constantly changing the way people do business. In a world where efficient solutions are constantly being pursued, it was only a matter of time before an alternative to the way we use our phones on a daily basis came about. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is the revolutionary concept of converting analog audio signals, such as those used on a landline telephones, into digital data capable of being transmitted over the internet. It’s changed the way we use the office phone forever.

What does this mean for your business? With internet access becoming more readily available in the world, you might finally think about ditching the traditional telephone and communication systems. With VoIP, you can now turn any internet connection into a method for placing free phone calls. But why get involved? By downloading free VoIP software, you can overcome some of the insane rates for international calling to contact friends, family or business partners worldwide. Most free software only takes a few minutes to set up, and requires very little information–generally just your name and email address.  Industry leading companies Allworx, NEC and TalkSwitch are the main providers for TCI Technologies VoIP phone systems, and by utilizing revolutionary software, such as Allworx Reach, you can access your business line from anywhere in the world.  VoIP is a concept that makes sense, both practically and financially.  Finding smart VoIP Solutions for businesses is what TCI Tech is all about.

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